ابتدا نادیده‌ات می‌گیرند
سپس مسخره‌ات می‌کنند
پس از آن با تو به نبرد برمی‌خیزند

اما در آخر پیروزی از آن توست...

Hello friend,

An inspiring quote by an inspiring man.

I assume that you are new in Mastodon, unlike Twitter Mastodon is not a single community, but a network of communities connected together.

One can read people from other servers if one follows them, and one's public messages appear in the local timeline of your own server too, (they also might appear in the federated timelines of other servers, but this is fuzzy to explain now).


Because of how the federation and the local timeline works, instances are usually communities formed around languages or interests.

This one (mastodon.eus) is a community devoted to speakers of the Basque language, having a place to meet Basque speaking people is the reason for this instance to exist.

You will find much more Persian speaking people to talk with in other instances, I can't personally recommend any but found those by searching "Persian":


Also, even though it doesn't appear there the main instance mastodon.social is very active in all languages

@amirnazemy محیط متفاوت و جالبی هست.
و تعداد کارکتری حدودا ۲برابر از توییتر رو می‌پذیره.
با فارسی مشکلی نداره. تنظیمات متعددی داره که نیاز به بررسی مفصلی داره.
و اما امکان ویراییییش؟؟؟

@amirnazemy دادا زبونش چیچیه ؟

کوجا میشه انگلیسیش کرد :))

Eman izena elkarrizketan parte hartzeko

mastodon.eus euskararen eta euskal kulturaren komunitatearentzat sortutako Mastodon sare sozialeko euskarazko instantzia bat da.