[EN] For a long time @ekaitz_zarraga and me have been thinking about opening a custom fabric and DIY product shop. We discovered a local fabric printing shop so we decided to go on and test it.

This is the result of our first test: 100% recycled polyester canvas (made with PET plastic coming from plastic bottles).

Do you like it? Would you like to have some items done with it? Like totebags, cases.

We need some feedback to continue with the idea!


@ekaitz_zarraga special mention to @ondiz for giving us the idea for this first printing design!


@eider @ekaitz_zarraga
Is that Marx or Kropotkin? All bearded DWEMs look alike to me, but that would be great on a beach bag or large shopping bag

@eider @ekaitz_zarraga That is great and I would be interested in fabric. Do you plan other types of fabric? Canvas is probably rather stiff? I am mostly interested in fabric to make clothes

@caluera @ekaitz_zarraga Yes, the canvas is quite rigid. It is designed for bags, cases, upholstery ...

We can order it in cotton fabrics (popelin) to make shirts, dresses... also waterproof fabrics, some elastic and more. We could give you more specific information about that fabrics (about weight,% elastane ...) in case you need it.




@eider @ekaitz_zarraga

you can make alternative versions too, like with mao and lenin ...
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