hello, i'm phoebe. i live in nyc. i dont love computers but i do love talking to friends and strangers on the internet so it is an uneasy truce.

what i wrote in my bio is "i am a weird tech loser and artist. i enjoy contrarian ways of thinking about computers. i like plan 9, apl/k, forth, minimalism in technology, and maximalism in art" which is also true.

i put some of my art and writing on www.timeflayer.com which is my website.

@eider i am ok i am waking up a bit here

to be honest i dont know if i understand the social implications of a bunch of people sharing my introductory post from a while ago but it makes me feel loved and appreciated so it is nice

how are you?

@dogstar good morning! Today I have returned to work after Christmas holiday so I’m a little bit sad... the life!
I didn’t know that your introductory post was from a while ago 😅

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