Hi, @nextcloud!

One of the things I miss most from Nextcloud and that I think should definitely have is an e-book and comic book reader.

The Reader (files_reader, apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_) could read epub, cbr, cbz... files, but stopped working at NC 13.

The Ebook reader app (apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_) also does not work since NC 16.

I think an app like this should be officially supported by Nextcloud. Is Nextcloud's Github "Issues" section the appropriate place for app requests? If not, where?

@nextcloud @aldatsa I have now seen that epubreader app works with NC 19. Great! Thanks very much!

@ileturia @nextcloud There's another app called "Reader (ebook reader)" as well, probably a fork, that supports newer Nextcloud versions: 15 to 19.

No NC 20 support yet, but this commit from yesterday looks promising:

I tried to install it on my NC 19 but I got an error message that says "Certificate "4356" has been revoked ". The developer said that they need to create a new release with the new certificate on August 29:

@ileturia @nextcloud Being able to read ebooks and comic books in NC is a cool feature. I agree with Igor that it would be great to have an officially supported NC app for that!

@ileturia @nextcloud

It works in NC 20 as well. Great!

Last time I tried to install it in NC 19 it didn't work, but it looks like the developer fixed the certificate problem :)

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