Hello fellow Europeans in the #Fediverse:

Do you know about any organisations promoting #FreeSoftware, #OpenSource, #OER to educational instiutions/public administrations?

Are you aware of any educational institutions already using FS?

Do you know about any other #education related activities in your country?

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Hello! Basques are trying to organize, promoting use of FS in education and also demanding institutions to do things propperly (not just use the "easy" Windows and the cheap or "free" Google services). It's not in English, but you could send an email and ask for information I guess hezkuntza.librezale.eus/kontak
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There is also x-Net, by the Catalans, doing the same thing I suppose xnet-x.net/en/

If you are looking for institutions that promote FS, instead of people movements, this is a list of Linux "distributions" (most of them are just Ubuntu remasterizations) prepared especially for education:

Lliurex (Valencia)
Guadalinex (Andalucía)
Luberri (Euskadi / EH)
MAX linux (Madrid)
Molinix (C. La Mancha)
LinEx (Extremadura)
Galinux (Galicia)
Linkat (Catalunya)
Vitalinux EDU (Aragón)

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Half of them might be abandoned. I just know Luberri, which is pretty cool and should be being used in every Basque school... but it's not... yet 😊 alexgabi.blogspot.com/p/blog-p

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