RT @anafabrega11@twitter.com A bold experiment: In 2012, boxes with laptops were dropped off in two villages in Ethiopia. Taped shut. No instructions. Kids from these villages opened the boxes. Kids who hadn't seen written text before. Here’s what happened👇 

Within 4 minutes, they found the on-off switch and powered it up

Within 5 days, they were using 47 apps per kid, per day

Within 2 weeks, they were singing ABC songs in the village

Within 5 months, they had hacked Android


No school. No teacher. No textbook.

What can we learn from this?

Kids have a natural desire to learn

Sometimes, all they need is access, time, and space

Sometimes, all we need to do is stay out of the way

“If they can learn to read, then they can read to learn”


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