Hi, I'm searching for a libre audio editor, usable on Linux, with LV2 support and preferably with native ADSR editor.

I want some kind of simple program to edit soundclips to improve sounds.

I would like if plugins can be seen on a rack (as in Ardour).

Do you know any kind of?

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@porru why not ardour? the automations can be used for adsr (or something like this, without midi input you dont have triggers anyway)
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I want something more simple, just for comfortability and simplicity. I just don't need such a grand programm :)

(But yes, I thought about using it and I would)

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@porru @gcrkrause @zrythm @falktx @rghvdberg @x42 @play0ad I have heard about Qtractor and Muse being viable options, bu I have no real experience with any of them. I use Ardour, and for some quick jobs - Audacity (though I don't think it's supporting LV2 plug-ins, and it's fully destructive making it less than ideal for serious work).

@porru @unfa @gcrkrause @falktx @rghvdberg @x42 @play0ad isn't this what audacity is made for? I plan to add more audio editing functions to zrythm eventually but it's not usable for that yet. If audacity doesn't have what you need I think ardour is the best choice atm

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Audacity could make the function, but as Unfa said, it's destructive and does not have too good LV2 support


This could be an option to edit soundclips. To create sound effects combining other soundclips I would need to use a DAW, but this is very near to what I thought, thanks!

@porru if it's just about combining sounds, you could use non-daw and/or non-mixer to combine those. It would be a great modular workflow.

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