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El se enorgullece de acercar la música clásica a las nuevas generaciones. No todo va a ser Rosalía o C.Tangana.

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Dicen que los islandeses impidieron, bombeando agua de mar en 1973, que la del volcán (activo durante 6 meses) destruyera el puerto de la isla de
Este es el relato 'Vidas en la boca del infierno' del periodista @anderiza gentedigital.es/comunidad/ande

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I don't know who at @Google or @Apple needs to hear this, but STOP 👏 MAKING 👏 PHONES 👏 BIGGER!

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Wanna see something cool? 😎 Go to "vscode.dev" and start coding with Visual Studio Code entirely in your browser. Anywhere, anytime, on any device and tablet, with no install required 🧑‍💻🪄
Read the announcement 👉 aka.ms/vscode-dev-blog

Kaixo txiolandia! Kasualitatez norbaitek ba al du Google Coral bat? Egun batzuz beharko genuke... Mila esker!!

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Releases on GitHub are now…

📝 Easier to compile and share
🎉 Optimized to recognize and celebrate your contributors
💗 Built to encourage more engagement from your community

See everything that’s new for releases: github.blog/2021-10-04-beta-gi

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Could a "pancoronavirus" vaccine protect us against another pandemic? Scientists are looking for ways to immunize people against many coronaviruses. Several strategies focus on the surface protein common to all members of the viral family. fcld.ly/7vz0ohx @ScienceVisuals

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🤫 New shortcut: Press . on any GitHub repo.

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Je vous propose un thread d'exemple avec cet article @France3tv, on va essayer de reconstituer le 2D-DOC "flouté" (et ce sera une excuse pour en apprendre beaucoup sur Datamatrix 😉) ⤵️

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Artificial inflation of page popularity through the posing of inane questions that in turn artificially inflate the respondents’ sense of intelligence thus gaining massive levels of engagement as otherwise smart people fall for that one simple trick give me the shits 💩

Dramatic climate impacts continue around the world. Zhengzhou in China has seen the highest daily rainfall since weather records began, receiving the equivalent of 8 months of rain in a single day.

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Hora punta a la holandesa: tráfico pesado de buses escolares con propulsión infantil.

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¿Administras un controlador de dominio? Ojo con una elevación de privilegios trivial con un exploit funcional que digamos “se les ha escapado” a los autores. No tiene parche por ahora. Algo parecido usó Stuxnet hace 11 años. Veamos más detalles Hilo¬

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I can't believe I am writing this.

Canada 🇨🇦 has obliterated its national all-time heat record *for the second day in a row*.

Before yesterday, greater than 45°C had never been recorded. As far as climatology is concerned, this is deeply shocking.

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